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Allow Life to Support You

Do you feel as though you’re trying hard to accomplish something and not getting anywhere, like you’re banging your head against a brick wall? Is your own momentum moving you forward, or does it feel as though you’re taking five steps forward and three back? Each one of us is a gift. Our very presence contributes to the harmonious flow of creation. However, we need to learn how to recognize the challenges in our way […]


The True Meaning of Health

  “We are in a period of economical decline – so we should do bad stuff? People are losing jobs – so we should give them bad buildings? What kind of bullshit is that? Show restraint? Why?” ~Zaha Hadid The definition of health which I have chosen to go by in my practice is: the ability to adapt to the external changes with minimal disruption and stress to your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical body. […]


The viola da gamba and the human voice.

The Savalls playing Diego Ortiz Tuesdays have become the days that I walk through the shadows of Vancouver. The best kept secrets are revealed to me on Tuesdays. Tonight I crossed the water to the North Shore to hear Jordi Savall, a rare and precious appearance by one of the most gifted players of the viola da gamba in the 21st century. The preview talk literally struck a chord with me as he answered questions […]

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