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Energy work, at its core, postulates that, first and foremost, you are a conscious energetic being, a receiver and transmitter of energy. How you think, influences how you live and those around you. How you lovingly respond to each thought and the words you choose to speak out loud, create your reality.

“As we enter the 21st century, the nature of healthcare is shifting dramatically.  Many scientists and leading-edge thinkers now believe that human beings are more than biological machines with parts that age and wear down, only to be treated by drug therapy and surgery. A number of pioneering researchers embrace a new view of healing called vibrational medicine that combines the best of ancient healing love with a modern view of the body as an energy machine affected by many alternative techniques and treatments.”   from Vibrational Medicine for the 21st Century: A Complete Guide To Energy Healing And Spiritual Transformation by Dr. Richard Gerber

Health is the ability to adapt to change with as much ease and gentleness as possible.

Life is about choices.  We all have choices to make – some easy, some not so easy. Everything you are today is the result of a choice and decision you made in the past.

When faced with a challenge or negativity, many of us tend to perceive a situation with judgment, without love, and with fear of more pain. If you keep hitting  a wall with seemingly nowhere to turn, life is showing you that you still need to grow and learn in this area.  You are being asked to clarify your values and decide what you really want and require to be the unique individual in the fabric of humanity.

Struggle is necessary for growth and to find meaning. Life is not about suffering, getting stuck, or feeling powerless.

It is a deeper conversation, an evolutionary exploration, that asks each of us to take responsibility and clean up the past so that we can allow the possibility to live in the moment with passion, peace, meaning, joy and feeling deeply inspired.

Through her gentle yet powerful work, Albertine Phan guides you to “flip the switch” back on and shed light on your vibrant health and your dreams that have been kept in the shadows maybe  for too long.

“Light is to darkness what Love is to fear; in the presence of one, the other disappears.”  ~Marianne Williamson

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