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Do you ever feel like your mind keeps replaying the same stories over and over again to the point that you sound like a broken record?

Do you feel exhausted at the end of the day having tried to keep up with managing your feelings and questioning your every thought and action?

And these patterns seem to affect every area of your life: relationships, finances, career, life purpose and health, right?

Ever wonder where that comes from and what would happen if you could create new patterns of engagement for desired outcomes?

Truth is your physical body is the vehicle for your Soul to operate as One with your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.

Imagine being in the world where the sensations you feel in your heart and the thoughts in your mind are reflected in your actions and relationships with congruence!

No more saying one thing, feeling one thing, but your actions demonstrating another!

These ‘4 Bodies’ communicate with each other at a very subtle level; the level of vibration and frequency. The most powerful frequencies are what we choose to think and focus on, so they become very important in our capacity to create the reality we choose to live in.

The energy of our thoughts literally in-forms our bodies and gives direction to our energy in motion (e-motion). And the result of this combination is the awareness and consciousness we bring into our actions every day with all our relations; to ourselves, to other people, from other people, animals and our environments, whether it be in Nature or at the office.

When the ‘4 Bodies’ are in vibrational Attunement, the energy transmission from each body is cooperating for the Higher Self to operate as One, whole and with the complete picture.

Your vehicle that is your body, your emotions, your thoughts and your actions are all embodied as your Soul. The Essence of Your Presence becomes seamless with Life unfolding one moment to the next in Harmony and Grace, one breath at a time.

When the 4 Bodies are in Attunement, You Are in a state of Integrity: whole and undivided and your life will reflect that unification with stability and substance…you will feel strong, courageous and intuitive.

You are meant to live your unique healthy vibrant active life.

Knowing the areas of the body where emotional issues are stored can be an opportunity to expose your own limitation to be more congruent and loving toward Your Self.

Knowing where on the body your attention is called lead to a deeper understanding of the mind/body connection.

Your body is the most readily available resource to begin this journey of self discovery.


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