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Have you ever wondered what direction to take in life? In your career? In your relationships? Are you ready to experience more ease and inner peace whenever life throws you a curve ball?

Albertine currently offers private sessions via telephone or Skype. The first step to alleviate the stressors that prevent you from living your fullest potential is to identify the turmoil in your life. Knowing what you perceive is the issue is only the tip of the iceberg. What lies underneath are many layers of subconscious programming that were put in place by your coping mechanism in order to maintain harmony.

During your session you will gain clarity about the negative thinking which served its purpose and no longer applies to your situation in the present.

The final outcome of a session is to provide you with new choices that are life enhancing and that will continue to promote positive possible future choices.

There are many exciting opportunities that await you as well as moments that you may find challenging as you will be asked to let go of the old ways of perceiving and be willing to take 100% responsibility for all that you experience and create the reality you truly desire. You are encouraged to participate by asking questions as a vital step to expand your consciousness and to inform your power as a creator being.

PLEASE NOTE: once you have selected a session you will be directed to schedule your appointment, thank you.


($185 for 30 minutes/$369 for 1 hour)

The map is your energetic make up and serves as a blueprint for your life. Your Human Design Map helps you understand your unique gifts, what drives you (consciously and unconsciously), your strengths, your wisdom and your vulnerabilities, and shows you how to harness and direct your energy to fulfill your life purpose.

Knowing how you are energetically designed helps to give you an understanding of what is the correct way for you to make decisions to achieve your goals and makes following your life path much easier as an expression for the potential of humankind.



($147 for 30 minutes)

The greatest challenge of our life is to learn to integrate the intention of our Soul and the story of our Life. In other words, we grow and expand in consciousness when we can integrate our Life Purpose and our Soul Purpose.

Our souls incarnate with the intention to learn, grow and evolve.  We carry out these lessons by putting on a “human suit” and then, ultimately integrating the story of our human incarnation with the intention of our soul to grow and experience life on earth.

When we can sync up these two big elements of “who we think we are” and Who We Truly Are, our lives become more peaceful, meaningful and we spend our energy doing what we came here to do instead of resisting and struggling with our life story.

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($69 per Month for a 10 minute call once a week)

When you start something new, you may face resistance to the change and doing energy work is no exception. Things in your life may become disruptive and you may experience self doubt and confusion before you are able to fully integrate what you are learning.

As you become more aware that you are your own authority and creator of ALL of your reality, areas in your life where control and manipulation were occurring will be brought to light. Experience has shown that a “check-in” is helpful to keep on track with your new choices. Energy Attunements are included with sessions purchased for a month.

What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality ~Plutarch c. 46 – 120 AD

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