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“Working with Albertine these past two years has made a tremendous difference in the quality of my life. I am more confident and sure of myself….I am better at seeing and dealing with the stumbling blocks in life that cause me frustration and unhappiness….Albertine’s skill in connecting with our real self (true self, higher power, inner knowing) is a gentle practice in deed, but very powerful….My commitment to working with Albertine has changed my life.” ~Paul L. Hovsepian

 “[Albertine’s] energy has transformed me at a very deep level of healing. I came away from our session feeling vitalized, balanced, and at peace. ~Rochelle Forrest

 “Albertine is a master at her healing practice.  She is a leader who is clear and conscientious.  I would recommend her to my family, my friends and all those who seek to advance their lives in the direction of their dreams.” ~Tiffany Davis

 “Albertine provides a loving supportive environment in which to explore personal issues.”~ Marilee Roome

 “Albertine connects from her heart in a way that is so deep, delightful, insightful and loving….I highly recommend Albertine for anyone who is looking to reveal their true inner being in a loving, safe and spectacular way.” ~ Tee Crane

 “Talking with Albertine during our sessions provided an honest channel of communication. The sessions are conversations with a purpose, entirely non-invasive, and filled with a calmness that allows you to sort through your thoughts. I expressed everything that was on my mind through our sessions and felt a great weight lifted….Sessions with Albertine are completely determined by your participation and what you want out of it. I recommend these sessions to anyone who is looking for a solution to the knots, tangles, holes, or extra baggage in their life.” ~Ray

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