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Allow Life to Support You

Do you feel as though you’re trying hard to accomplish something and not getting anywhere, like you’re banging your head against a brick wall? Is your own momentum moving you forward, or does it feel as though you’re taking five steps forward and three back?

Each one of us is a gift. Our very presence contributes to the harmonious flow of creation. However, we need to learn how to recognize the challenges in our way so we can break through them and make progress in our growth and expansion.

If you say no when you really want to say yes, or yes when you want to say no, a “maintaining cause” may be at play. A maintaining cause is anything that interferes with or disturbs your ability to flow with your vital life force or, in other words, be your authentic self.

When the flow of your vital life force is prevented, diverted, or suppressed, a condition of stress will be present in your BE-ing. It will show up in your life for the sole purpose of being acknowledged. A maintaining cause can reveal itself in many ways, including:

  • Your diet
  • Your lifestyle and relationship choices
  • Past history, including genetic predisposition and susceptibilities
  • Mental habits
  • Social conditioning
  • A toxic or abusive environment

You might have grown up in a family that would say “it’s just the way we do things in this family.” But here’s the thing, as an adult you have free will and you get to play by your own rules. You don’t have to settle for anything that feels limiting or constricting to the free flow of your expression.

Here’s an example of how to identify a maintaining cause on the physical level and its affects on your mental, emotional and spiritual well being: you live in a dark basement and always complain about the lack of sunlight. You feel hard done by life and are not motivated to exercise or eat food that would add nutritional value to your life. You blame everything and everyone for the lack of opportunities to improve your life.

The truth is that you are like an acorn, which can thrive and grow under less-than-ideal conditions to become a mighty oak. You are supported by the cosmic forces around you so that you can make your creative contribution to life in your individual and unique way, without anything holding you back.

Sometimes it’s true, we don’t have control of our circumstances. However, what we do have control over is the perception of our immediate environment. To begin shifting a maintaining cause you need to be willing and interested to change your inner reality.

The easiest way to begin is by setting the tone for the day with gratitude.  When you wake up, before you get out of bed, take a deep breath and connect your breath to your body. Notice your belly rising with each breath and your ribcage expanding. Place a hand over your heart. Notice how each breath inspires life to your body and say “thank you”. Acknowledge the gift of life that you are. Think of 3 things you are grateful for.

Be kind to yourself. The mind does not like change but it can be trained to develop new habits that motivate you to engage with life.  And surely day after day you will see choices where none seemed to exist before. You will be grateful for every opportunity to lend your life to Be-ing an integral part of the Greater Good.

As you become a stronger expression of your authentic self, joy will fuel your every creation and your outer reality will become a reflection of your inner peace.
You can free yourself from the invisible bonds of “I should” and follow your inner knowing of what you need to do one breath to the next. May you be inspired by life and allow life to reveal the next step, one moment at a time.

Albertine Phan, Academy for the Soul Master Teacher and Certified Intuitive Strategist, is a ClairSentient High Level Empath specializing in non pharmaceutical approaches to Health and WellBeing. Albertine facilitates the realm of possibility to encourage you to create the Life you wish, desire and aspire to from a place of choice in present time, free from outdated “Emotional Behavior” patterns that no longer serve. She is passionate about Self-Actualization and the Collective Evolution of Consciousness to Create Sustainable Peace and Resources for the Greater Good of All. She inspires people to live from their Instinctive Individual Self in such a manner that there is no separation from the Infinitely Abundant Universal Life Force and your Individual Unique Contribution. Albertine's special intuitive gift is the ability to see how congruent is the relationship between the Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Bodies during a 4-Body Higher Self Attunement Session. For more information, or to contact Albertine, you can reach her at:

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